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Other than tailoring service, Design By AAK also providing alteration service for customer. Customer can alter any type of garment or dress at AAK. For now alteration service only available in offline which is customer can visit our boutique at Bangi Sentral. Or else customer can send any inquiries through email or directly contact AAK.

Fastest Service

At Design By AAK, you can alter your clothes on the spot. You don’t need to wait for long to wear your clothes perfectly. The time needed to finish alter a garment depends on what kind of alteration you made. It might take only a few minutes or hours.

High Quality

At Design By AAK, we guarantee that we will deliver the best alteration service to you. Your clothes will be handle carefully by our expert tailor. Most of our tailor have experience more than 3 years in tailoring services. Thus the quality of service and product will be highly maintained.

Fitting Sessions

In our boutique we provide fitting session to ensure the best fit for your clothes. We will take your right measurement and give advice if needed before the alteration begin. Then, after alteration also have the fitting session to ensure the customer satisfaction towards the clothes.

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Most Common Alteration

In Design By AAK, most of customer visit our boutique to make alteration on sleeve, length of dress, size and etc.


This is most popular alteration in Design By AAK are lengthen or shorten dress, kurung, and etc.

Sleeves and Armhole

People also always came to shorten or lengthen cloth sleeve and tighten or loosen armhole.

On The Spot Alteration Service Bangi, Malaysia + Design By AAK

Cloth Size

Most of customer adjusting size weather to tighten or loosen of top, waist, shoulder and etc .

There more that can be done by us such as add or change zip, add dart to your dress, change or add lining, adding button, make pocket, changes design and style and many more.

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Term and Condition

All alteration service are expected to finish in one day however it depends on the number of customer and alteration made. All alteration service are only available in offline.