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Meet our expert consultant and fashion advisor for free. We will give you the best consultation services every time you make your custom made ordering with us.

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AAK Consultation Services

Free Of Charge

At Design By AAK, we will guide you and give an advice for the latest fashion and design that suit you. This is because of each people may suit to different design of cloth. This to ensure higher satisfaction of each of our customer. However, customer are free to choose your own design and fashion, and we will give advice only when you need it.

Consultation Session

Customer will have the detail conversation with our designer for the custom made services. Our designer will sketching your design of cloth, explain the estimate cost, the time needed for the cloth to be ready, what should be added to made the cloth become more attractive and comfortable. The sizing also will be take during consultation services to ensure the best fit for your cloth.


Consultation services only available in our boutique. However you can send your inquiry by clicking button below and we will respond to you through email as soon as possible or you can directly contact us.

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AAK Consultation Services

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Free consultation only available for customer that make custom made ordering with Design By AAK. Consultation depends on the customer need. Customer must made an appointment at least 1 day before.